Submissions and Queries

Jump Create is dedicated to nourishing creativity in children ages 2 to 12.
We promote family crafting as more than just a finished product. We feel the creative process when spent with our children can be a wonderful experience for everyone involved.
We see Jump Create as an instrument to help parents (and grandparents) to spend creative time together.
We want to make it fun and simple.
We want to take to share our experiences and pass along our love for crafting.
We hope that families will reach out on Jump Create and find new friends with similar interests.

 More Jump Create information

Do you want to see your latest creation on Jump Create?
Just send a scan or digital picture to us and our editorial staff will take a look.
Be sure to include your contact information – name, address, phone number and email address – and a complete list of the supplies you used to make the item.
If we choose your creation for publication in an upcoming issue, we’ll send you an email requesting that you mail it in for us to photograph.
Jump Create is reader-based. We are always publishing fresh new faces. So get creating and submit today!
We look forward to seeing your creative ideas!
If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us at hello@JumpCreate com .
Jump Create is currently looking for article and project submissions with the following themes:
Recycle and reuse projects Paper towel and toilet paper rolls, junk mail, and tin can projects
Organizational ideas. Setting up a crafting area. Starting supplies needed for family crafting.
Photography. Encouraging children. Tips for children. Importance of children taking their own pictures.
Humorous crafting stories.
Cards. Interactive features. Thank you cards. Funny cards.
Bottletops crafting.
Printables and Templates
Jump Create also gladly accepts queries.


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